Project & Cost Management Services

Structured project staged delivery

  • Staged project delivery
  • Briefing Stage – With the client to establish the key drivers
  • Feasibility Stage – Reviewing options and developing the delivery strategy
  • Implementation – Final details, construction and handover
  • Each stage is taken through a gate process for sign off and approval with the client covering cost, programme, risk and review against the client brief


  • Advise and lead on all aspects of project procurement from consultants and surveys to selection and award of the main contractors
    • As well as our known suppliers we always pre-qualify all of the team members.      
    • Prepare detailed scope of work for each supplier to price     
    • Undertake detailed like for like comparisons to ensure value for money      
    • Undertake final negotiations to ensure the best price
  • Preparation of the procurement strategy with the client to develop a tailored route suited to the aspirations of the client and the quality of the end product. This forms the backbone of the delivery.
    • Whether the route is design and build, construction management or traditional our team is experienced in all of these aspects and can customise these standard routes to suit the client needs.
  • Possess a depth and range of trusted suppliers that can be sourced to cater for all eventualities of the development, taking into account level of quality anticipated.
    • Whilst we are always keen to engage new suppliers we also have a well established supply chain that we have built-up over the past 30 years that is based on mutual trust and proven delivery.

Project team organisation

  • Act as the Lead Consultant as Project manger     
    • One point of contact, we manage down through the suppliers and up to the client, allowing the specialists to do what they do best and concentrate on delivery.
  • Prepare fully detailed and integrated scope of services in line with the procurement strategy for each member of the design team.
    • Comprehensive documentation complete with a clear Roles and Responsibilities matrix that shows who is responsible for what. This limits any potential overlaps or items falling through the gaps common when consultants provide their own scopes in isolation. 
  • Obtain fee quotes, carry out comparisons and negotiate final fees with all parties prior to client approval.
  • Manage all of the payment process for every consultant through our secure client accounts from certification through to assessment and actual payments.     
    • Allows the Project manager to have full control over the team at all times.


  • Pre-select suitable contractors and undertake visits with the clients
    • It’s not just what’s on paper its essential to see what they deliver.
  • Prepare the detailed contractual documentation appropriate for the development
    • Evaluate the form of contract that is appropriate, whether standard JCT, NEC or others and there are many variants within these to chose from.
  • Liaise and  manage all the tendering contractors
    • Initial tender period followed by mid tender interviews and final tenders, helps to bring all parties together and ensure the project is understood by all to get a more competitive tender.
  • Undertake all of the Value Engineering with contractors and subcontractors and lead the final negotiations for the contract award
    • When the tenders are submitted we work with the designers and the preferred contractors to highlight areas of opportunity to either exploit pre-award or develop during construction and to gain valuable savings for the client.
  • Undertake monthly valuations, administer the main contract on behalf of the client and direct all of the build works
    • Act as the employer’s agent / contract administrator and the QS. Streamlines the process and allows for swift turn around of information to reduce any delays on site.
  • Carry out all the negotiations with the contractor and prepare the final account.
    • Detailed discussions and negotiations with the main contractor and sub-contractors to finalise all matters and close out accounts.

Active Risk management

  • Monthly risk reviews and updates clearly assigning responsibility and accountability to pro-actively manage project risk.
    • Risks are identified at each main stage, the cause identified and the impact assessed for clarity on forecasting for the client. Mitigation plans are prepared and regularly monitored.
  • Ongoing reviews of potential opportunities to maximise and add value to the development

Monthly reporting

  • Provide reports that are both concise as well as detailed so it is easy to understand what the key points are.
  • Key project parameters are carefully monitored and updated including, Cost, Programme and Quality


  • Challenging the team, exploring areas through knowledge gained and experience to maximise the development               
    • Regular design reviews at key stages always checking against the key project drivers, consultants are tested and scrutinised at key points.
  • Due to our size and flexibility we allocate the time to look at matters with a differing perspective without being tied to lengthy processes and procedures where the true focus in delivering a great development can get lost.

Lead negotiations and discussions with 3rd parties

  • Pantelli have a depth of experience dealing with 3rd parties such as management estates and local authorities. We use our numerous contacts to negotiate the right result whilst allowing the team to focus on delivery.
  • Engage all of the utilities suppliers
  • Advise on all matters regarding party walls and issues regarding boundaries and title discrepancies
  • Vast experience in setting up and dealing with external funding providers such as banks (UK and abroad) and managing their processes throughout the delivery. 

Change control

  • Internal integrated cost and project management approach allowing a proactive and informed decision making. No one likes surprises.
    • An issue is raised and is immediately identified and allocated estimates in time and cost. The client can then decide if they wish to proceed before the event occurs.
  • Facilitate a strict process with the client’s involvement where the project manager and the client have agreed parameters to enable as much or as little involvement as the client wishes.
    • A detailed Governance process defines these parameters and accountabilities allowing the parties to perform the roles that they are of most influence.

Quality Control

  • Manage and employ a strict Benchmark, Mock-up and Sample process defining key parties with the relevant  responsibility and accountability
    • No item is installed without sign off, no installation is allowed to continue without sign off, anything that does not conform is removed and replaced and not left to the last minute when pressures often force clients to accept substandard products.
  • Ensure the design team are accountable for the delivery. Regular site visits reviewing progress with the team
    • The team are onsite weekly or as often as is required, items are raised and dealt with swiftly.
  • Advising and reviewing and ensuring implementation of all contractors’ insurances, consultant’s insurances and relevant warranties.
    • Detailed registers of all of these elements are maintained to ensure the client is never exposed without the correct cover.

Piece of mind

  • Our developments are end user focused
    • We know what clients expect, what their drivers are and do not allow individual parties to progress matters for their own agendas.
    • The clients brief is key.
  • Secure extended buildings insurance warranties arranged
    • Obtain building warranties that are awarded to developments of high standard that confirms to future purchasers, they are fully covered long after the construction has completed.
  • We ensure that we obtain warranties not only from the main contractor but, from sub-contractors and also consultants
  • We review and agree appropriate levels of Professional Indemnity and Public liability insurances,
  • There is always a Senior Manager assigned for each development, we are very hands on and can adapt to suit all the developers needs.
  • We are with the client from cradle to grave, (apologies for the analogy) when all other works are completed we are engaged for 12 months after the construction works have been completed.
    • Manage the defects process during the 12 month period after completion which can be extremely difficult, dealing with purchasers and landlords and ensuring that the main contractor is accountable for any defects.