Core Values

Our traditional business model is based upon the attainment of a high level of quality buildings where we have a real depth of experience which the firm has acquired over the last 30 years.

We believe, that the core basis of our firm has many advantages, namely,

  • Experience – We have a contingent of experienced, intermediate and graduate staff, but only experienced professionals are used to manage projects with, of course, logistical support from the other members.
  • Closer to Clients – Senior Partners very often meet and speak to clients on a daily basis and have direct involvement on projects. This provides the team with direct feedback and allows the firm to be more orientated to client’s changing needs and interest.
  • Responsive – We can change processes and our operations much quicker and adapt quickly to client’s needs. This is mainly due to size, scale and speed of decision making. We find it easier to introduce or innovate something new at very short notice.
  • Contact – Single point contact for clients via the senior partners which helps build relationships.
  • Personal – We continually focus on our services to the client and feel personally responsible for the client and project.
  • Commitment and Continuity – Better communication due to continual contact with the same people since we have a very low turnover of staff which maintains continuity and therefore more efficiency with continual knowledge of the projects.
  • Specialism – Continuity of staff and continual involvement in the same sphere of operation affords more extensive experience and specialism in particular areas such as high end residential and commercial.
  • Lower costs – Fees on a “like for like” basis are competitive and include substantially more involvement and services.

Our core values are a key feature that define the professionalism of our team who are all expected to measure their actions and judgements against these values, and these include that we act with integrity, are always honest, open and transparent in our dealings, are accountable for all our actions, know and act within our expertise, are objective at all times, treat all with respect, set excellent examples and have the courage to stand for our principles.